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IT Consulting and Services

In questi tempi l'IT ha assunto sempre di più un ruolo principale nell'organizzazione dell'azienda.

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Security video

La sicurezza è un bisogno primario ed una condizione importante affinché ogni individuo si senta a proprio agio.

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Telecommunications services

Il settore delle telecomunicazioni ricopre sempre più un ruolo di punta nella classe dei "servizi essenziali"

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Computer training

Non si possiede ciò che non si comprende. Per questo motivo le aziende devono puntare sulla continua formazione.

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Computer Expertise


Why ask for a computer expertise


In most cases, there are two main reasons why people ask for a computer expertise:

  • 1st reason, damage with subsequent announcement to the insurance
  • 2nd reason, for more complex and severe reasons, which may lead to a complaint to the police for the damage suffered


We give some additional information for the above cases, to better understand and clarify the difference between the two:

1st reason

Generally we resort to an computer expertise to better determine the cause and the damage caused by it. The appraisal is usually requested by the insurance, when the announcement of the event itself, shows that the damage occurred is economically significant, or in some cases very high.

Example of some damage: surges, lightning, liquids, inattention, etc.


2nd reason

In general, we resort to an expert computer when a person is accused on the basis of clues computer. The sworn report is established for the protection of the accused, explaining, clarifying the technological contexts in which events have developed, the implications or exclusions of certain actions, but also by the process excluding the evidence is not relevant, fabricated or the result of errors investigation.

When the subject takes damage or offense generally is limited to file a complaint to the police. Unfortunately if the suspect fails to conceal the evidence, or if mistakes occur during the investigation, you are likely to see their complaint filed for lack of evidence.

Those who suffer harm or offense has the evidence on the computer rather than on the phone or on the Internet, actions carried out against him. The computer expertise or even better, a computer forensics service before the complaint can crystallize the evidence of harm or offense suffered with tools and processes legally accepted. The expert opinion can and should be attached to the complaint as proof of damage.


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